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4.3.3810 Beta 8 hba - 10GbE Fibre Channel max Nics?


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is it possible to use a 10Gb FC Network Card like the Intel X520 with the current beta of xpenology ? what is the current maximum of usable network interfaces? in the configs there are lines for an eth7 but i read in an other thread that there max 4 nics because the DS3612 only has 4 interfaces.


i have an intel board with 2 onboard nics and an pcie card with 2 ports. i want to change the pcie card to an 4 ports (wich will be a second lacp bond) or an 10GB LC interface-


thanks for your answers

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6 works fine in mine


just have to edi the /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf file and add the WOL settings for the last two ports


DS3612xs is qualified to run with a quad port intel card (it's in the supported list) so 8 should be feasible



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