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Dsm 5 ask for esata initialization (External plug)


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Hi all,


i have an issue with DSM 5.0, gnoboot 10.5

My config is :


4 sata drives

On drive on the internal esata port

Usk key inside.


Everything is working well. :razz:



When i'm connecting an external drive on the back esata plug, the system is showing nothing as external satashare.

The system is just asking me to initialse the drive, who is recognized as Disk5 :roll:


Everything worked well under DSM4.3.


I tried to change my 2 synoinfo.conf, but each time my volume1 (disk connected on the internal esata) disappeared, and i had to come back to old config.


Please, could you help me :

Let my internal esata with the current config

Add config for the other esata plug in the back of my NL40


Also, i my two synoinfo.conf , i have :









Do i have to let these data, and just add additionnal line for the second esata ?


Thanks for your help !

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Hello Guigui,


For use the esata port as "esata", you must have these parameters on "synoinfo.conf"

Internalportcfg="0x02F" (ports 1, 2, 3, 4, 6)

Esataportcfg="0x010" (port 5)

Usbportcfg="0x1FB0" (7 ports USB).


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