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XPEnology Sabnzbd/Sickbeard woes


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Hi all,


Just dabbed my feet into the world of Xpenology and so far have managed to set up my N54L with Trantors 4.3-3810 version.


So far I have managed to migrate the two drives from my Synology DS212J across and I believe most things are running fine however for the life of me I cannot get SABNZBD/Sickbeard to run.


Firstly the Synocommunity REPO was down (to my knowledge) and so I had to go hunting for the spk files in which I obtained from -



from thread - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2994&start=10


So far I have managed to install -


Python 2.7.6-8 (Status: Running) <- installed from python_bromolow_2.7.6-8.spk

Python3 3.33.2-0005 (Status: Running) <- installed from Package centre

NZB Config 0.6-3 (Status: Running) <- already installed after I migrated my existing disks from my DS212J to the N54L)


Now the following don't work and after installation, are giving me the FAILED TO RUN THE PACKAGE SERVICE message


Sabnzbd 0.7.17-9 (Status:Stopped) <- installed from sabnzbd_bromolow_0.7.17-9.spk

Sickbeard 20140512-5 (Status: Stopped) <- installed from sickbeard_noarch_20140512-5.spk

Couchpotato same thing...


I am at my wits-end trying to figure out what I am doing wrong...


Any suggestions are more than welcome to get this box up and running :smile:

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You should wait for the Synocommunity REPO to come back up. I'm in the same situation.


The Sabnzbd from the superzebulon repo is version 0.6.15-2. The current version should be 0.7.16-7. Sabnzbd 0.6.15-2 runs but it can't extract/repair my downloads correctly. I also have the Windows version 0.7.17 running and the same .nzb files download correctly.

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will definitely keep an eye on the official repo coming back up..but I'm desperate at the moment..so far a couple of files have downloaded and extracted fine..I guess it's just a matter of exporting the settings when the new version is out

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