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Restore crashed volume


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So i've imported my old disks into a new installation and for some reasons it didnt pick up all 5 disks of my raid 5 set, only 4 attached to one bus of my LSI SAS HBA.


It imported that volume (4 out of 5 disk) and it worked fine for a littele while, but by now i have 2 disks crashed and the other 2 are at partioning failed state.


I am able to access the volume/disks (most of the data is intact) but am not able to repair it via GUI.

I tried reinstalling and migrating without success, moving to my old physical syno box (cant due to newer version, old one only supports dsm4)...


While i do have a backup it would be easier to recover the volume - any idea how to? The disks are fine; i would just have to unfail the volume and add the 5th disk as replacement for the missing disk... if i could :sad:

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So i've run e2fsck on the volumes and the raid is now clean - unfortunatly this does not resolve the problem.


I know that syno support can remote log in to the machine and fix this - but thats not an option here;)


But that means that the capabillity should be there - just the know how is missing...

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