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[SOLVED] how do programs start up? [DSM 5.0.4458]


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So I am noticing that Transmissionbt will just stop for no reason; I am suspecting it may be a memory thing. I decided to research that later, and thought I may just put a cron job together to recycle, or stop/start, Transmission every day.


Well here is my problem. I don't have any clue where all of the inits or startup scripts are for this version of DSM (5.0.4458). The stuff I did find I believe was for v4.


Can anybody help with that?

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I ended up unpacking one of the SPK files and figured it out for myself. I still don't understand the whole init of the OS. At least from what I can tell, anything installed via the package manager gets put here:




... and the start/stop stuff is this file



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