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Dell M4600 precision plus 5bay extension box


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Hi guys,


I'm quite new to Xpenology and in the passed days have set up XPenology (bare metal) on my Dell precision M4600 laptop.

Its running really nicely and stable on the latest DSM 6.2.2-24922 for the passed few days now. For years I have two DS213 synologys and am really blown away with the performance improvement on the old dell laptop (core I7, 16gb). For example I moved gigs of photos in DS photo folder and it rendered those tumbnails in no time (on the DS213 that would takes months).


I consider getting a 4 bay DS918+ but I basically am sceptic because of sluggishness of my old synologies (if only they'd offer better CPUs).

Right now looking to extend my test setup (only 2,5inch internal HDD of laptop) with more drives. I understood from reading on this forum that eSATA connector on the back of my Dell doesn't have a portmultiplier so if buy something like a icydoc 4bay HDD enclosure and hook up via eSATA I reckon I am only able to see one drive. I ordered some cheap old eSATA Expresscard which according to its specs should supports portmultiplier (no idea which chipset). 


My goals is to get the eSATA of the Express card working with a 4-5bay enclosure (single eSATA cable) and to have DSM's raid functions available. 


Do you guys have any idea if this could work?

Is my scepsis on the Intel Celeron J3455 used in the DS918+ justified or will it just run as smooth as my old I7 laptop?



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You can‘t compare a V8 engine to a 1.1l eco engine, even if it‘s 10 years older, except for fuel consumption 😂


eSata is always tricky. I personally don‘t know any card which would work with DSM. If it would be my laptop I would try to sell it on eBay or any similar platform. Precisions always get a good price, even if they’re old. You could re-invest in a mITX system with enough Sata ports, an acceptable Cpu and Ram. Just my 2 cents...

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Makes sense.. I guess I better built something because I have a good powersupplies and ATX case laying around.

Size doesn't really matter because its will go in power cabinet so I was thinking about an ATX board.

Think for about 225euro can built something more powerful than the ds918+


ASRock H370 Pro4  +/- 90euro (6 SATA3, 2 Ultra M.2)

Used Intel I5 7400T +/- 100euro 

8GB Corsair DDR4 +/- 35euro



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