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N40L lost 5th SATA drive after update to gnobook with DSM5.0


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EDIT: I have seen two other cases that gnoboot 10.5 + N40L misses SATA drive that is on the CDROM port. by using pata_amd pata_acpi and disable SATA/IDE combined mode, it seems to be working now :EDIT



Not sure if anyone else has this problem, I lost the 5th SATA drive after upgrading to DSM 5.0.


The drive is still visible in BIOS, but gnoboot says '4 out of 5' drives exist, and storage manager shows only 4 drives too. neither drive on the esata port nor the 5th sata (optical drive sata) drive show up.


I know the drive is fine, because I swapped the 5th diver to slot 1, and it works and shows up fine and the drive 1 (now is on 5th sata port) not working.


I already have the 'internalportcfg' set to oxfff in synoinfo;

I already changed sata cable and tested power cable works.


Any idea what I can do now?



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Indeed, from the 10.5 changelog:


Remove pata_amd and pata_apic, manually insmod these drivers


So I lost the 5th SATA port and the on board ESATA port


on the other hand:


Add HighPoint RocketRAID 622 driver


And my sandisk 5-drive esata case finally worked under Xpenology.


Now, how do I "manually insmod these drivers"?

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Just saw this:


I have a n40l, has anyone else been having issues with the internal data port? initially i was able to see my 5th drive, but now its only seeing the 4 main ones. under freeness, I can see all 5 without issue


it looks like an issue with the timing wake up plan. the timings for wakeup where written into the BIOS and destroy the setting.

To see your 5th or 6th drive again you have to change SATA IDE Combined Mode to [Disabled]


Disabled SATA IDE combined mode in BIOS, still no good. Sigh..



while the booting message still says 4 out 5 drives active, the 'missing' drive actually shows up in the storage manager. I am rebuilding the array.

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