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Contents of autoupd@te.info for UPDATE 1 and 2


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So i have successfully installed 4458 with GnoBoot. Loving it. I would like to hold off on updating to 4482 w/ nanoboot, for some time. I want to test for a while before I proceeed.


But I cannot seem to update to 4458-1 or 4458-2. When I delete the autoupd@te.info file and have it only check for "important updates" it keeps telling me to go directly to 4482. Grr


I figured I could manually create my own autoupd@te.info with the pertinent info, but I have no idea what the contents of that file would be; I see tons of posts about running SED against it but nothing that states what is actually in the file, for these updates.


Does anyone know what the contents of the file should be, for updating to 4458-1 and 4458-2?



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OK it eventually did show up about 5 minutes later. I guess the system takes the manual update PAT file that is picked, and extracts the data to where the DSM-Security.json tells it to; i found that file is inside the .pat file. So it must create the autoupd file on demand if the system passes mustard after validating everything against the DSM-Security.json file.


I extrtacted the pat file, both small and flash deb files, and started to construct my own autoupd file. When I went back to my SSH I saw that I had another autoupd@te.info file sitting there. I was like "Whu...?"


when I looked at the contents, it looked exactly like what I was trying to create. LOL


So i ran the SED command and now I am updated to 4458-UPDATE 2 :smile:


... just needed patience.

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