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Upgraded 5.x to 6.2 boots ok but network gateway is blank


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I upgraded a TheCus N5550 NAS from 5.x to 6.2 using Jun's 1.03b loader.  All went ok, no errors but I have no default gateway so it can't get out to the Internet.  FYI I have another N5550 that was a fresh install with DSM 6.2 and that works perfectly.  The upgrade caused the issue with the other N5550.  


Control Panel, Network, General is all blank.  If I try and edit the default gateway it won't give me an option to enter a gateway.  If I try and click the Network Interface tab it just hangs.  

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where is .xpenoboot exactly?  Which directory?  I can't find it anywhere on the system.  

I'm having the issue where the default gateway keeps going blank after a reboot so I get zero network connectivity until I manually update the gateway each reboot.


EDIT:  I figured it out, I manually updated the:   /etc/sysconfig/network  file by adding the GATEWAY=192.xxx.xxx.xxx, rebooted and now gateway entry sticks in Network (for anyone else having a similar issue).

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@videopete Did you have the same situation / problem as stated in the first post?


Here is the "full solution" for your question:

Activate the SSH service in DSM (if not active)
Connect to your NAS with an SSH client (e.g. putty) (or from Win 10, open a cmd window, run : ssh admin@my.nas.ip (replace with the actual IP)
Enter your credentials (user: admin)
Change folder to root (cd /)
Delete the xpenoboot folder (sudo rm -r .xpenoboot)
If the SSH service keeps stopping, you have to be quick.


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