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SSD is very slow



Hello! SSD is very slow!!! tested different HBA LSI 9211-8i / LSI sas3008 9300-8I the result does not change. Platforms tried different HP DL 380 G7 / ASRock J4205. Loaders tried DSM 6.1 ds3615xs / DS3617xs.  Prompt in what there can be a problem and how to solve it????


WhatsApp Image 2019-06-01 at 23.09.51.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-01 at 23.09.51(1).jpeg

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2 часа назад, jensmander сказал:

IOP/s, Read and write speeds look pretty normal for this S-ATA SSD. 

Here is a test of an ordinary disk that I bought 10 years ago, it works really faster... Maybe it's the delay.??

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-02 at 12.37.13.jpeg

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Since I‘m not familiar with Russian letters I can only guess but the average response (?) time (third box to the upper right) is being displayed in µs (microseconds) while the result of the hdd show ms (milliseconds). As stated before, these results are pretty normal...

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@v_sedih The upper 3 boxes are showing the read performances, the lower 3 are showing the write performance.

Just as @jensmander was pointing out, the last box on the right, shows the latency (zaderzhka / задержка). in micro- and milli-seconds.

In regards to latency, smaller number is better. The SSD is showing a much better value=faster.

When it comes to IOPS and Throughput, the first 2 boxes, bigger is better, and again the SSD outperforms the HDD in your test.



why do you think your SSD is slow? It's actually just where it should be as far as I can tell.

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