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Packages failed to install

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The system was normal when I am on 6.1.7, when I upgraded to 6.2-23739 last week, I encountered some error and the whole DSM needed to be reinstall. Turn out I clean install 6.2-23739 and all data are still here.

The strange thing is that most all packages in package center failed to be install, ie video station, photo station, download station, Synology Application Services, Drives etc. I tried node.js, php, itunes media server and hyperbackup and they could be installed.

I thought it is the problem of 6.2 and therefore I clean install 6.1.7 again but now I got the same error....appreciate for any advice


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I am running 6.2.1-23824

suddenly download station reset to the page where it requires you to select folder, like the first time you use it.

all my download tasks are gone; and when i uninstall it and try to download it again from either package centre or try manual install, both failed

and then i tried photo station, video station, apps that i believed synology develop by themselves or popular, all failed

but hyper backup and antivirus are alright to download and run properly


please advised, is it true that synology expand their control over their apps, after what happened to video station?

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