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Install 6.2.2 on ESXi



I have some DS3617xs VM running with DSM 6.2 build 23739, and I know that it may not be possible to upgrade to DS3617xs as it need to change the disk from SCSI to SATA.  It may need to build a new VM and transfer the data and all setting to it.


I found that some people reported that they can successful use DSM 6.2.2 with DS3617xs on ESXi in here (

but I have tested few days, no matter how I build the VM, upgrade from 6.2 or new installation, it cannot be detected after upgrade.



I have followed the instruction here to build the VM.

But it doesn't work for DSM 6.2.2

So far, I can only build the DSM6.2 VM with DS3615xs, a clean installation, with 2 SATA controller, one for the boot image, and one for other disk, and it need to change the NIC to E1000E after installation.

However, it doesn't work for DS3617xs and DS918+ iamges, for DS3617xs, I can install / upgrade the DSM 6.2.2, but it cannot be detected after reboot, no matter which NIC is used, it cannot be detected in the router.

For DS918+, it's even worse, I cannot boot the image, it cannot be detected by find.synology.com, and also not found in the router.

I guess they may still have come setting I have missed, but I cannot found it out yet.

Is there anyone know the VM configuration for running DSM 6.2.2 with DS3617xs or DS918+ image on ESXi?  

Thanks a lot!

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14 hours ago, luchuma said:

can you post serial.out for 3617?


The registration page I have tested years ago is not longer available, so I just use the default in img without change, do I need to modify it to met the MAC, or register in somewhere?


The S/N in grub.cfg:


set sn=A8ODN02468

Thanks a lot.

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9 minutes ago, luchuma said:

it took me 10 minutes to install 3617xs dsm 6.2.2 on esxi 6.7u2


so if your vm of 3617xs is not working attach to it serial port and post here serial.out from esxi







I will try to follow your setting and install again tomorrow.   Seems the only difference is the OS version, but I guess there should have no difference. 

Thanks a lot

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I don;t know what I can said.... Just can't believe.....

I try to install again and capture all screen for reference, and it works right after installation.

Here is the setting I used for installation.








And I try to install again with "Ubuntu Linux (64 bit)", it works fine also.


Just can't remember what's the difference, but it failed all the time last week.


Thanks for your support, and I can work with 6.2.2 now.

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On 6/1/2019 at 2:49 PM, luchuma said:

can you post serial.out for 3617?

@super169 what version of 6.2 are you running?


I cannot get DSM_DS3617xs_24922 to work at all, once I update or new install that version, I loose network connectivity.




DSM_DS3617xs_23739 installs and works perfectly fine.


My VM is configured exactly like @Super169 above


@flyride can you share your grub.cfg?


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grub.cfg doesn't have much to do with whether a NIC driver works.  I don't currently run DSM 6.2.2 either.  Read on for why.


Folks, Jun's loader is fundamentally trying to fool the Synology code into thinking that the booted hardware is Synology's platform hardware.  How it does this is a mystery to most everyone except Jun. Whatever it does, has varying effects on the OS environment.  Some are innocuous (spurious errors in the system logs), and some cause instability, driver and kernel crashes.


By far, the most stable combination (meaning, compatibility with the largest inventory of hardware) is Jun's loader 1.02b and DSM 6.1.x.  Jun stated that the target DSM platform for 1.02b was DS3615, and DS3617 was compatible enough to use the same loader.  However, there are issues with DS3617 on certain combinations of hardware that cause kernel crashes for undetermined reasons.  I can consistently demonstrate a crash and lockup on the combination of ESXi, DS3617 and 1.02b on the most recent DSM 6.1 release (6.1.7).  There is otherwise no functional difference between DS3615 and DS3617, which is why DS3615 is recommended. 


DSM 6.2 introduced new Synology hardware checks and Jun came up with a new approach to bypass them so that we can run those versions - implemented in loaders 1.03 and 1.04. Whatever he did to defeat the DSM 6.2 Synology code results in more frequent kernel loadable module crashes, kernel panics, and generally poorer performance (the performance difference may be inherent to 6.2, however).  There is a useless library of NIC support in DSM 6.2.1/6.2.2 as the 1.03b loader crashes NIC modules but a select few on DSM 6.2.1 and later.  Similarly, the 1.04b loader has support for the Intel Graphics (i915) driver, but going from 6.2.1 to 6.2.2 causes it to crash on some revisions of the Intel Graphics hardware.


Personally, I am running ESXi 1.02b/DS3615 6.1.7 for mission critical work and have no intention of upgrading.  I do have a baremetal system running 6.2.1 right now, but it's really only for test and archive.  Nowadays, I strongly advise against a baremetal XPEnology installation if you have any desire to attempt to keep pace with Synology patches.


That said, there really isn't much of a reason to stay current.  DSM 7.0 is imminent and the available loaders are virtually guaranteed not to work with it.  Each new 6.2 point release is causing new issues and crashes, for little or no functional/incremental benefit.

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Thanks for the excellent explanation, this should be in the FAQ \ N00b section!


Based on what you said, I think I will use the 1.04 Loader DS918+ as it has the latest Kernel and actually works fine on my VM based on my initial testing.


I was a bit concerned that the DS3615 was too "old" and wanted to go with the newer DS3617, but now I see it doen'st really matter.


I think that Jun should standardize on running XPEnology in a VM, it would make easier for everyone.


Thanks again for your feedback.

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@odesey Welcome to the forum. Obviously you are new here and might not have read the rules and guidelines.

If you have questions about issues you are experiencing please create your own topic. Hijacking is not tolerated specially in this section of the forum.

As stated in the description of this section:


Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 11.50.27.jpg


This said, this question has been answered so I am closing it.

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