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Problem Bios Reset after reboot


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I have a problem with an HP DC 7800. I test Nanoboot and dsm 5.0.4482. It works fine but after each reboot or shutdown, my bios is reset with default settings.

Time is incorrect and i mean to hit F1 for save default settings to Bios. I have tested to enter a password in bios but the problem is still present.

I have view issues with that in this forum.

How can i resolve this problem ?




PS: sorry for my English.

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I believe BIOS reset issue is a hardware compatibility issue, not a software issue. I think DSM wants to keep time using GMT and not your local time zone. Like all modern OS, DSM wants to modify the BIOS to its correct time (GMT). Since your BIOS is not compatible with the way DSM wants to modify the time, you get a corrupted BIOS after reboot.


The only possible solutions:

Update the BIOS and hope the update is compatible with DSM

Write protect the BIOS so no OS can modify it.

Use a different motherboard

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I had the same problem with my n54l and xpneology. I had auto shutdown\powerup configured and every time the system starts the date and other settings for achpi settings were getting overwritten. I was trying few things together but seems like the issue is resolved after that. Not exactly sure which one of the below action resolved the issue.


1. I deleted the power options for shutdown\powerup.

2. Made changes to .conf file for WOL.

3. Made changes to the conf files for eSata changes.

4. Made bios password protected.


Now i dont have the bios reset issue :smile:. trying to fix couple of other issues and i am done :geek:


1. WOL works within my home network but not from outside the network.

2. eSata got identified after the conf file changes but it made my sata hdd connected (volume2) not recognize even though the hdd is detected in bios and all settings are proper. xpneology was not detecting the hdd connected to the sata port. So i had to revert the esata conf changes for hdd to detect in xpneology.



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@Jayesh, what steps did you take to "delete the power options for shutdown\powerup"? I'm having the same issues on one of my towers and don't have a write-protect option in my BIOS. Really hoping to find a way to stop DSM from attempting to write to the BIOS.

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I am using HP microserver n54l.


It has option for password protecting the bios. Not sure if thats what fixed the issue, as i did few steps as mentioned in the previous post of mine.

But now it doesnt reset :smile:.

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