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How to install XPEnology


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Install XPEnology on a standard computer:


1) Download XPEnology from: viewforum.php?f=14


2) Unpack two files: synobot-xxx.img and XPEnology-xxxx.pat


3) Download win32diskimager : http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/


4) Load win32diskimager, Select the synoboot-xxx.img file and the usb drive then press Write and wait.




5) Boot from USB drive (Yeah Pic are from Vitual Machine but you got the same screen) and wait 1min.




6) Download and install Synology Assistant and click search.




7) Install with the XPEnology-xxx.pat file with assistant and conf it.








8) Connect to your new Nas :wink:





9) Reboot, enter in your BIOS and set USB drive as first boot device.

The USB drive is used by XPEnology to boot, so you must always keep it connected.



by w00t :wink:


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Could someone provide a bit more details about where to install DSM?


I plan to use two HD in RAID1 for my data. Besides the USB stick with Synoboot, I guess I shall use a separate, dedicated HD/DOM/USB stick for DSM itself?






No. USB with Synoboot is for initial startup and DSM will be installed on the same harddrives that used for data storage, taking a small part for system needs. You can configure multiple volumes or single volume later on after DSM installed on the rest of the disks. Deselect the USB disk from volume creation if its visible, or you will corrupt the boot.

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Is there any way to upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 without reinstalling the whole thing and also keeping the data on (safe) on the drive.

Should be ok if you'll upgrade via DSM with a special 4.2 package (not a retail from Synology or via auto update!)

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maybe your nic card is unknown , try to use boot img with more hardware, it contains more kernel modules

another tips, try reading the usb key with one linux machine and add the mac address of your nic card in command line of menu.lst in /boot/grub folder on SYNOLOGY2 entry, simpli add at the end of command line something like : mac1=aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff but it's mandatory that the syno_boot.img knows your network card.

It's usefull use DSM find if you use a dhcp in your network.

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How can i disable temperature checking? The machine is shutting down after 3-4 minutes with overheating message

try to disable from bios, i think the machin shutting down for erratic reading, if not, houston we have a problem! :grin:

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I just installed XPEnology on an Intel S1200BTLR with a Xeon E3 and 32Gb of Ram. (system was to be a Windows server 2012 Essentials with storage spaces, but as I'm not happy with the performance of storage spaces, I'm trying different things.)


The two NIC's Intel 82574L adn Intel 82579 are seen and configured correctly.


There is a slight problem though, I have 3 IBM Serveraid M1015 controller that are flashed to LSI 9220-8i wich turned them into LSI SAS2008 HBA's basically.

This should render them transparent to the system, but DSM doesn't see any of the disks attached to them.

Could anyone help me figure out how I can make the system see this HBA's and the disks attached to them ?


Thank you.

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I am trying to une the 4.1 version of DSM, but without USB Stick because I have a internal CF card reader on a IDE connector.

The installation runs well when follonwing the procedure @ the beginning of this thread.


But I have a problem when rebooting :

GRUB loading, please wait...

Error 22


I can solve it in reflashing the CF card with the DSM 4.1 image and all is working properly.



This machine is going to be distant from me .... it's a problem if I have to reflash the CF @ each shutdown ^^


An idea to solve that ?


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This machine is going to be distant from me .... it's a problem if I have to reflash the CF @ each shutdown ^^


An idea to solve that ?


It only rewrites the flash on the .pat installation/update. Regular restart/shudown should not cause the flash corruption. Do not do remote updates of the DSM and you should be fine.

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Hi, i have problem on installation of xpenology system, my material is


core 2 duo E6550 & Asus P5E3 deluxe wifi i write img disk (just .img file in the rar) with Win32DiskImager, the system started but it block in Loading the kernel ...


with the ver 4.2 i have error message (cheksum invalid) and with 4.1 no error message but the os not start (block in loading kernel)


thx for help me :smile:

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