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No hard disk found on a Beelink AP34pro mini pc


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I am an owner of a Synology DS218+ at work and I am extremely satisfied by the DSM to a point I really want to install xpenology to a miniPC (Beelink AP34pro) I have at home.


The current setup at home is the Beelink miniPC (running windows 10) connected to an old DLINK NAS loaded with 2 WD RED HDDs and streaming content to my TV through HDMI.


I am a complete noob in Xpenology but I read the very thorough installation instructions and managed to load DS3615xs on the Beelink. However, the synology web assistant gives me the message that "No Hard Disk is found on DS3615xs". I was hoping that Xpenology would recognize the 2 WD REDs and be able to mount them. Now I do understand this might sound silly and there might be some major misunderstanding on my behalf, that's why I would like to know if what I want to do is doable : Run Xpenology on the Beelink and have the 2 x REDs as JBODs. If yes, how am I supposed to achieve that ?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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28 minutes ago, flyride said:

How are you connecting the drives to the Beelink PC?  USB won't really work - they need to be connected to a traditional SATA controller, and that controller must be supported by DSM.


The DLink NAS (which contains the drives) is connected to the router via Ethernet and the beelink is also connected to the router via Ethernet. I can directly connect the DLink NAS to the beelink pc via Ethernet if needed.

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11 minutes ago, flyride said:

Again, your PC running DSM needs the drives connected directly, not via USB or Ethernet.


Yes, it's clear. I didn't know that, although I suspected something like this could be a requirement tbh.


I will now try to build a minimal budget miniPC to support Xpenology.


Thanks for the help !

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