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Is there a way to spin drives down during long non use periods


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Hi guys


Every evening my station is used up to about 21:30... at which point veryone goes to bed, next use might be early morning, otherwise only at about 16:00 again, have noticed my NAS constantly uses 200watt and well this is a serious punch when we're running of the solar panels or even in the evening after everyone has gone to beed and the house runs of the Inverter Batteries.


Is there any way Xpenology can spin the drives down, using Ironwolf drives.


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The spindown feature, aka. HDD Hibernation may be enabled from the controlpanel -> Hardware & Power.

But, if you read a bit here you will see that there are many reasons why it might not work.


If you want to save even more power, and you know for sure the NAS won't be needed,

lets say, between 21:30 and 16:00 a Power Schedule might be better for your use.

That way it will (if working as it's supposed to) turn itself off, and go to sleep with the rest of the family, and turn itself back on at specified time.


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