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Having trouble with installation.


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If this isn't the best section of the forum to post my issue in, I'm am truly sorry, and I'd appreciate if my post is moved to the right place instead of being removed.


I'll try to keep the post short... 

I'm trying to install latest possible version of Synology app on my custom built setup, which includes following parts:


MOBO: Intel® Desktop Board DQ77KB
CPU: Intel i5 3570s Quad Core 3.10 Ghz LGA
RAM: 12 GB DDR3 (upgradable to 16gb)
HDD: 8 x 2 TB SAS drives.
PSU: External DELL 240watt(12.5amp) Power Supply
LSI Card: Dell LSI SAS 9217-8i Host Bus Adapter RAID


Parts and setup is close to the one found here:  https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/u-nas-810-intel-dq77kb-i7-3770s-synology-diy-build-1-0.20601/

I tried to repeat every step of installation process described in that post, but still unable to see locate using Synology helper or the web page.


I tried different loaders and DSM versions. Only once i was able to install, but back then my LSI card setup wasn't complete, and not all the drives were visible. After I changed the settings, and tried to install newer versions of Synology app, i'm unable to find it in Synology helper. 


The motherboard has 2 NICs, I enter both MAC addresses, and I tried connecting with both and each separately, nothing seems to work.


Please let me know if more info is needed to point me to the right direction, and if not, please let me know which loader I should use?



Any help is greatly appreciated.



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