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XPennolody DSM 5.0 and DS Cloud


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Hello all


I have have just installed DSM 5.0 on my N54L and all works well thanks to the people on here for the kind advise.


I have installed Cloud Station and have my desk tops and NAS synced no problems but i am wanting to do the same with my Iphone.


Looking at the DScloud app it asks for an address or quick connect number being xpenology i don't have a quick connect number so i entered the DDNS address i have setup on the NAS along with the admin username and password and i get the following message "connection failed please check your network settings"


So i tried the same anlong with the 6690 port number which i have forwarded to the NAS and i get the same error



Any ideas guys?


PLEASE :smile:

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The way I solve this and similar issues is to use VPN. No ports to forward (expect for the VPN server), no major worries about vulns, can access other devices and services for free.


Takes an effort to set up but worth it imo.

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