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DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2

Server has operated fine for couple of years.


But I notice that I have to toggle off/on the FILE SERVICES (Windows SMB, WebDAV are the ones I need) off and back on again after EVERY BOOT UP.


Only then do Windows and WebDAV shares function.


I otherwise have full access to the server (ie. webGUI, SSH) and the server is active on the LAN.


I have full root SSH terminal and WinSCP access.


Is there a methodical process to follow so I can review LOGS etc and determine WHY and rectify the non-start of these services?


Am sure it used to work but stumped as to where to start resolving this.



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Related issue, the RESOURCE MONITOR also no longer works.




It does not display info in the Widget either.


Again...where should I start tracking down why it fails?

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Additional info re RESOURCE MONITOR.


I just discovered that Resource Monitor works fine from an android phone (on the Samsung browser MOBILE mode).


And if I switch the mobile browser to DESKTOP then that reproduces the "Network" issue.


I tried latest FIREFOX and CHROME on desktop and still get the above error, unless I use developer mode and switch to a mobile config.


Seems a browser compatibility issue and not a service issue so will search alternate thread and repost.


Summary: Resource monitor only works via browser set to MOBILE mode (such as for iPad). DESKTOP mode returns "network" issue.




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You might have specific reasons to stay with DSM 5.2 but why not update to at least DSM 5.2-5967 ? That version of DSM 5.2 you are using is pretty ancient and many fixes were brought in updates to DSM 5.2.

Just saying.

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