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USB issues with ASRock ION 330


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Hi guys,


I've had my XPEnology setup sorted for a while now and, although it's an old machine, it generally works well on my ASRock ION 330. The issue I have is if the machine powers off due to something like a power cut, once it powers back up it seems to freeze on the startup splash screen. In order to get it to work again I have been powering on the machine without the USB inserted, inserting the USB as it reaches the boot screen and then quickly powering off/on the machine again. This usually solves it, however it can be very temperamental at times.


Edit: The USB is a Kingston Data Traveler G4 16GB if that helps.


I will move to some better hardware at some point in the near future but I'm hoping to find a solution for this for the time being. Any ideas about why this may be happening?


Thanks in advance.

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