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Performance on esxi5.1 + gnoboot 10.3alpha


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hey guys


I have been playing around with gnoboot since i miss my old synology :smile:


I have though, some odd issues in regards to transferring - im trying to transfer an iso file of ~3GB from my desktop (samsung 540 pro ssd) to the 5.0 DSM box.


It seems like its bursting, going up and down in transfer. Like it transfers for a few secs, then stops for some, then starts again. Seems a bit odd.


I have done passthrough of the entire disc controller to the DSM vm so i didnt have to do the raw mapping and could easier add/remove discs.


Any thoughts? - sorry if im missing info, please do let me know if you have any questions..


Basically my setup is:


Supermicro X9SCL-F (http://www.supermicro.nl/products/mothe ... 9scl-f.cfm)

E3 1265LV2

16gb ram

IBM M1015 flashed to LSI9211-8i via firmware upgrade.

For now, just testing out with one 500gig disc to see how performance works with passthrough enabled.

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I've got the same issue on both 5.1 and 5.5.

I'm using a mix of raw mappings and virtual disks. Using the paravirtual driver and the Trantor release of 4.3.


Writes have this problem but reads seems not affected.


I've haven't looked into the issue but would be willing to share thoughts.

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Thansk for the reply


I have to admit, I only tested write - moved an iso there. Didnt try to leech it.


Im wondering if its due to the passthrough of the controller? - since its not raw disc mapping as most do..


Hoping for some response from gnoboot or someone else knowledgable :smile:

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What do you use for file transfers? Because on my N54L (pure install, no ESXi), I have the same "issue" using Total Commander or Windows Explorer - it seems like if it was filling a buffer, size around 300MB, then stops for a few moments, and continues. The speed does not drop, like if it was scaling down the transfer, it simply stops, like if it was paused.


I'm kinda sticking to my theory of write buffering here - that seems to be the best explanation so far.

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Try and do a transfer within the device first to locate the issue.

Also what type of switch is this connected to and what speeds are configured on it?


You first need to figure out if it's a network issue or a disk/controller issue so test the internal transfers first.

Also the difference between a RDM and a VMDK on a VMFS5 datastore is minimal there really isn't a major difference anymore.

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Will try to do a local transfer as soon as i'v setup my new raid - moving data at the moment.


Using a normal soho switch, performance is decent at the moment. roughly 100MB/s (~1Gbit). So that shouldnt be the issue.

The gnoboot VM is configured with VMXNET3, 1x dual core cpu, 2gb ram. Dual CPU single core - cloud this be an issue?

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