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No Hard Disk Found on DS3617xs Error on Proxmox VE KVM


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Dear Community,


I am new to PVE or KVM, but I did install xpenology on ESXi with success.

However, after I install xpenology on PVE, the web assistant shows “No Hard Disk Found on DS3617xs” error.

The mod I use is "with Jun's Mod v1.03b".

I have changed the SATA port from 0 to 1. I also changed SATA to SCSI or IDE with no luck.

I have attached the settings on PVE as the screenshot below.

Is it not possible to install 6.2 on PVE? What's the lastest version that PVE supports?


Please help!






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I have no problem with the DS3615+ und DS3617+
I have al maschines on a proxmox 5.4 and now i have upgraded to proxmox 6.0
Maybe you have a problem with the storage controller of the hardware?


IDE isn't working anymore with the new loader! SATA or USB


I have the loader on a virtual usb:

"args: --drive if=none,id=usbdisk,file=/var/lib/vz/images/101/synoboot.raw,size=50M,format=raw -device nec-usb-xhci,id=xhci,addr=0x9 -device usb-storage,drive=usbdisk,id=usbdisk,bootindex=99"


and the the other hard-disks are vm or routed directly to the xpenology by-id

May you can add the serial port with socket and read out the problem with the serial-console


regards PRad

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