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Upgrading from 5.1

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Hey Guys,


hoping someone can help, I installed DSM 5.1 on my HP Proliant Gen8 Microserver a few years ago and its been great. I used xpenology and have a USB memory stick that boots the OS succesfully.

Lately it has become necessary for me to update so I can get the latest versions of Plex which is my primary use for the server. Are there any guides on how to do this? I see a nice guide for going from 5.2 to 6.2 but I am not sure how to go from 5.1 to 5.2, worried about losing my data and all that.

I am tempted to install a new SSD boot drive and install Ubuntu Server instead as I can find guides on this but it would be so much more convenient to just update.

Note I havent installed this on a virtual machine or anything, again I found a guide for that but it didnt seem to apply.

Would it be as simple as just creating a new 5.2 boot disk and then updating through Synology Assistant or something?


Any help massively appreciated :-)

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First check if DSM 5.1 is on the latest patch level. Then create a boot stick for DSM 5.2. Be sure to include things like MAC address from your old stick.


Boot with the new stick and check if the system comes up. If it does you should download and install all updates for DSM 5.2 manually one after another. Don’t use the automatic update function. If 5.2 is fully updated you can follow polanskiman‘s tutorial to upgrade to 6.1 and after that to 6.2.


If possible backup your data and your system config before any upgrade.

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Thanks jensmander, 


So I am using 5.1-5022 and I can see it went as high as 5055. Would I follow the same instructions you just gave me, find expenoboot for 5055 and patch it manually before then moving to to 6.2? 

According to this site, https://www.synology.com/en-global/support/download/DS3615xs#firmware, I can jump straight to 5.2-5967, then 6.0.3-8754 and finally to 6.2.


Thanks again!

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Yes, I would install the last update to 5055 and then continue with the upgrade. Some users had problems with the direct update to 5.2-5967 and the best solution was the manual one by one upgrade. Reverting back a bricked system in case of failure will take more time than install some updates 🙂

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