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Volume Crash



Hello, I have been running this nas for about 4 months.

I tried to install larger hard drives to increase capacity, and after doing so I rebooted and was informed that the volume crashed.


I did some basic troubleshooting following some of the advice here, and I am stuck at this.

admin@TESTNAS:/$ sudo vgchange -ay
Couldn't find device with uuid cjvDBD-6Ccs-mlwC-M10n-hmmo-McVZ-23IxTm.
  Refusing activation of partial LV vg1/volume_1.  Use '--activationmode partial' to override.
  Refusing activation of partial LV vg1/volume_2.  Use '--activationmode partial' to override.
  1 logical volume(s) in volume group "vg1" now active

Any help would be appreciated.



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