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How to compile driver for gnoboot 10.5?


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I have a problem with my Intel 82574L onboard NICs. The NVM checksum is corrupt and I have no possibility to flash a new EEPROM to the cards.

That's the reason, why the E1000E driver will not load the two cards in gnoboot 10.5 (Error: "The NVM Checksum Is Not Valid").


How can I recompile the E1000E driver?

I've read that outcommenting the NVM checksum procedure from the netdev.c will be a workaround for my problem.


This is the procedure, which should be outcommented:

	for (i = 0;; i++) {
	if (e1000_validate_nvm_checksum(&adapter->hw) >= 0)
	if (i == 2) {
			"The NVM Checksum Is Not Valid\n");
		err = -EIO;
		goto err_eeprom;


Maybe someone could help me? Have no other possibility to access the NAS system (no addon card option).


Best regards



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