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How to compile/get kernel headers?


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In order to compile drivers for a tuner card I like, I need to successfully run the 'make' command. However, this requires the kernel headers to be installed.

I tried http://www.bydavy.com/2012/01/compiling-linux-kernel-modules-for-synology-devices/, but this is solely for official Synology archs. (and not for Avoton I'm running on.)

I did find "make headers_install" from https://github.com/andy928/xpenology/blob/master/Documentation/make/headers_install.txt, however is this still up-to-date? (last authored year ago)


Some help would be great, so other people can add drivers themselves and not ask about adding them all the time. :ugeek:




EDIT: Im now using the wiki "compiling the kernel" from XPenology. I compiled the kernel header files using "make headers_install" and am now looking for the compiled files. :smile:


EDIT: To compile the kernel headers, do the following;

  • Get the Xpenology source from git
  • run "make headers_install INSTALL_HDR_PATH=/path/to/destination/folder"
  • Copy the contents of the include folder to your /usr/include on XPEnology. Enjoy!

EDIT: Still same error. hmm


EDIT: Maybe fixed by running ipkg install optware-devel (after bootstrapping) I'll keep you posted.

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