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gnoboot (10.5alpha) DSM 5 4458 update 2 + DHCP server


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I upgraded from latest trantor 4.3 to gnoboot (10.5alpha) DSM 5 4458 update 2 yesterday (on a physical box), and I kept my settings.


I'm having an issue with the new built in DHCP server: DHCP seems to "work", however none of my computers appear under "DHCP Clients" tab.

It used to work flawlessly in previous version.


I don't know if it is related to DSM5.0 or gnoboot or simply the fact I kept my settings after the upgrade (perhaps I should have started from scratch).


Anyone has DHCP server running well under gnoboot (10.5alpha) DSM 5 4458 update 2 ?

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Which DHCP server is that, is it built into the Synology setup or found on some package service?

That's the thing, the DHCP server is an add-on package in DSM4 but now it is built in DSM5.


In DSM5, the options DHCP Server, DHCP Clients and DHCP Reservation

can be found in : Network > Network Interface > LAN1 > Edit


I could install an ESXi and give it a shot with a brand new install, but I thought asking for help in the forum first. :grin:

Anyone using DHCP server in "DSM5 4458 update 2"can advise ?

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