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Hi all - first post, so apologies if it is in the wrong section.


I've been running XPEnology on a HP Gen8 Microserver for a number of years and all has been going well.


I have always had the auto-updates disabled so I don't believe anything has changed on the NAS.  However, this morning when trying to connect to my NAS it had an error message asking me to Install - "We've detected that the hard drives of your current DS3615xs had been moved from a previous DX3615xs, and installing a new DSM is required before continuing" (see attached screenshot).


If I select "Install" then I am given two options: (1) Migration or (2) Reinstallation.  Which one should I choose?  If any?  As I am concerned that the latest DSM may be downloaded which could be incompatible with my system and end up making things worse.  It also seems I can do a manual install and provide my own image.  Again, is this a better option?


Can't remember the exact version of Jun's loader, but think it is 1.03b (am trying to find out, but can't access my ILO at the moment).


Thanks for any guidance.


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Correct version number
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Dont worry about your data

Migration means you keep all your old settings, at least most of them
Reinstall means you will have to set up all your configurations which you changed from default ones.

If it has downloaded an update, you may need to revert back. there should be a tutorial somewhere on doing that.

Just hope yours hasnt ended up like mine where I have to reinstall at least twice a year, sometimes more. But no idea why my system crashes.

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