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ESXi 5.5 + Gnoboot 5.0 update 2 USB speeds horrificly slow


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Morning gents.


Just a quickie I guess.


Since moving to ESXi and DSM 5 my USB speeds are awful. Last night at 6pm I set off a backup of movie data to a USB drive. This morning at 8am it'd only copied over 350gb.

When I was using Trantor's 4.3 (without ESXi) I would have managed well over 1tb by then.


Not sure if the problem is ESXi or DSM.


My Virtual machine has an xHCI USB controller added.

The only way I could get the USB hard drive to work on DSM was to then add a USB device - which showed the external drive. There were no options to set the USB type (1, 2 or 3)


Any suggestions?


My router has a USB port which if necessary I'm quite happy to plug into that and then copy the data that way but not sure if it's possible to map a drive/ftp from within DSM back out.


Thanks in advance

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Hahaha! Good answer. Only reason I'm using ESXi is because I want to use Google music manager and map it to a Syno shared folder. That way any music I download can go straight up into the cloud.

If anyone knows how to get Google music manager on the syno without using bootstrap I'm all over it and will give you my wife. You can have her. She can't cook for shit but she's small and pretty so the trade off works.

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Are you sure? Because choosing xHCI it clearly says support for USB 3?


Even still this isn't USB 2 speeds. This is USB 1. In fact I'm pretty sure it's even slower.


My router supports USB so is there anyway of copying the files from DSM to a samba share and not the other way around? That way I can achieve the same goal just via a different method.



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ESXi support only USB 2.0 on host device (SURE).

it does support virtualized USB 3.0 on specific guest device via Vsphere client over ethernet.


i.e. USB 3.0 on vsphere client connected to ESXi virtual machine.


So it IS the limitation of ESXi 5.5

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ok well that explains slower than USB 3 speeds but 350gb in 12 hours is well below USB 2 surely? They're not pissy small files either, they're HD mkv's so anywhere between 3gb and 20gb

Hey buddy, you know that vmware have their own knowledge base and forum right? I believe your problem will be better solved there.

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