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Hi Guys,


I recently built an xpenology server for backup purposes.

My question is: can i get the custom built xpenology to turn on at a set time by using the xpenology DSM software.


I have a synology server and I can get this to turn on and off at set times by using the software (DSM) but I cant seem to be able to do the same thing with the xpenology build. To achieve this I have to set it to turn on in the bios, which isnt always sucessfull.


Any help is appreciated.



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so configured the auto power off and power on, and initially did not see a change in my house power graphs... thought damm it did not work, circuit is still drawing 250watt... with some deeper digging discovered usage on circuit dropped from 250watt -> 190watt, so all that's left on there is my Edge router, my Unifi USG and a 24 port 1G TP-Link switch.

bummer, if this was my NAS it was so much easier, with it being one of these others it def complicates things.



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