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Just a big thanks (successful upgrade 4.3 to 5 on esxi)


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Just to say a big thanks to the community for the syno knowledge, threads and helpful responses posted here.


I've been using Trantor's 4.3 on my HP ProLiant N54L for some time now and having watched the various threads on here have slowly built up the confidence to do a hard drive upgrade/esxi install and DSM 5 update 2 install.


Using the help guide here, Gnoboot's DSM 5 and XPEH's comments here I was able to install ESXi on a new USB drive and migrate all 7tb of existng data to the new Syno install.

Thanks to antelo's comments here I've then updated to 5.0 update 2.


Posting this here so anyone wanting to do undertake anything similar can see it can be done without data loss.

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