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FTP speed problems with EX490 and DSM6.2


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I recently completed an installation of Xpenology on my HP Mediasmart Server EX490.  I was able to install DSM 6.2-23729 on an instance of a DS3615xs.


The problem I am trying to diagnose is a slow download speed of files from the server.   After doing some research on how to check transfer speeds, I was able to install speedtest.py on the DSM 6.2 server in order to see what speeds it measured.  I connected to the Xpenology server using the PUTTY client included with the Xpenology Tool v1.4.2.  After executing the speedtest.py program the reported speeds were Download=82.67Mbits/sec and Upload=7.49Mbits/sec.  I suspected that the discrepancy between these speeds was the source of the problem I was observing in slow FTP download speed from the server.


I decided to do some further investigation of the performance of the EX490 so I created a bootable Linux USB using a version of Puppy Linux. After booting the EX490 with Linux,  I then installed the same version of speedtest.py that I had used before.   This time the speedtest results I got were Download=83.08Mbits/sec and Upload=80.85Mbits/sec.   I surprised to see that the upload speed was an order of magnitude higher.  


Apparently the EX490 hardware is capable of fairly high upload speeds, but something about the Synology DSM 6.2 operating system seems to be degrading the upload speed significantly.


I looked at the various options in the DSM 6.2 settings that might be limiting speed but I haven't found anything obvious.  There is no firewall enabled and there are no network traffic control restrictions set.


I have attached screen shots of the two speedtest.py results that I saw.


At this point I'm not sure what else to do to track down the source of the problem and I'm looking for any suggestions for how to proceed next.








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