Shutdown / Reboot problem with DSM 6.2.1 (1.04 Loader) on ASRock 3455-ITX

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I just updated my ASRock 3455-ITX from DSM 6.0 on 1.01 loader (3615xs machine) to DSM 6.2.1 on 1.04 loader (918+ machine) with a blank HDD to test if everything works properly. It looks good, but reboot / shutdown doesn't work. I read from other users that this is a "common" problem (at least some other users reported the same problem), but I didn't find information whether that is a problem of the 1.04 loader or the DSM 6.2.1. Can I use 1.03b loader in combination with DSM 6.2.1 or will I face the same problem again?

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Well, watch out for other issues. I had the 918 Build first and it did not allow HDD Spindown at all with my Asrock J3455 ITX using 1.02 at that time. Worked after switching to the 3615, now I am stuck at 6.1.xxxxx


I am watching the 6.2 development, but have not found a xs3615 Build being confirmed to work with the J3455 and its onboard Realtek.


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