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Question About Mellanox X3 10 Gbe


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Hi all 

I have sucessfully installed Melllanox 3 sfp+ card in my server and it is running with arround 600MB per second.

Servers are HP Gen 8 Xeon and a Asus H87iplus

The issue that i had was when you do a fresh/or update the loader with the actual MAC Adresse/  the server was not found with loader 1.02 B 3615 DSM 6.1 the solution was connect both adapter to the server in this case the intel nic and the mellanox nic do the install and after them diconnect the intel nic then all is running fine

My question is when i use a 10 Gb Intel  NIC with sfp + i can install DSM without the 1 GB Intel NIC or can i solve this with extra driver package?


also i cant set on Windows 10 1703 - 1903 the Jumbo frames to 9000 because network time out on DSM Jumbo frames to 9000 is working but not on windows .


thank you all for any tips 


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my main tip is when you have CPU like those, you don't need jumbo frames. From my PC (NVME SSD) to my Xpenology (6x Seagate iron wolf 7200RPM) I occasionally see spikes over 1GB per sec (windows file copy reported speed.) and often sustained transfers over 800-900MB/sec.


The #1 performance issue once you get to 10gbe when if having enough disks that are quiet enough to dedicate themselves to the read / write you are performing. Even a tiny bit of other activity drops my read/write speeds into 400-600 range


I started with a 1 gigE nic, then installed the 10G card later, so I am not 100% sure if it would have worked from the start, but I see no reason why it would not have worked.




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when you want to use jump frame 9000, make sure all device between them are support Jump 9000. some switch doesn't support jump or need to config enable 4k/9k option jump frame.


Also if you want to use the 9k frame, you need enable both side of the PC and DSM.

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I have no issue with Jumbo frames and Mellanox Connect-X 3 installed on both NAS and Windows 10 1903 and direct connected via DAS. I get full-speed transfers >1.1 GBps

I would always keep a standard 1Gbps Intel card for out-of-band management and emergency access.

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