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DSM Installation HELP - Mistakenly Installed Official DSM on 1.03B loader

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Hi therw


I realize that as I have gotten older I have become a retard. 


I have a N54L and I I attempted to installed DSM vis Jun's loader 1.03B and I got to the Install DSM screen, and without thinking I mistakenly installed DSM via the online sources, and not via the PAT file.


I now can't access anything. I have attempted to reinstall via a fresh USB bootloader install of the Loader with but it is now never seen by the Synology Assistant. It did seem to get an IP adddress on the network, but I dont know what to do from this point.


Please someone help!

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To install the DSM 6.2.1 with the loader 1.03B you need a compatible nic, in the compatible nics for the 6.2.1 Update x are the intel nics.


In the following forum you will see all the information that you have  to have in mind.


  •  Disable onboard Nic of N54L from BIOS
  • Disable the C1 Memory option
  • Intel nic compatible.



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