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Advice required for NAS build


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Currently i am using DS214 play NAS, and i am happy with it. But now in 4k content time NAS is not strong enough.

I want to build custom NAS, prefer to be at least ITX motherboard.

As NAS is working 24/7 need really good mobo.

Can you advice me motheroard/cpu combo for things what i want to do:

Sometimes transcode 4k videos

Run 1-2 virtualmachines, nothing serious

And of course simply watch movies, store data. 4 HDD for me will be max, but i think 2 is enough

And one more thing, can i use serial numbers from my current NAS in xpenology build to be able using quickconnect? 

Thanks in advance

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I’m new to the scene myself, and if I only needed two HDD bays for my build I would go with a i7 refurb Dell Tower (although I wouldn’t leave it on 24/7).  At the most you may need to add RAM for your VMs.


 I think that your question about Quickconnect can not be addressed here, but you should have a look at the MAC/Serial Generator Tool then make a decision on how to proceed.  There are other ways to access your data remotely.  Again I went with the default values, and the only feature that I am missing out on is WOL.


Outside of a Optiplex 390 and another build with a Asus e35m1-m pro my experience is extremely limited.


I never adapted the ITX standard, but if I were to do so I would start with quad core embedded solutions.  There’s a chance that you may have to add a network driver.


Good luck with your build.

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