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I almost had a disaster as I updated to the latest version and was locked out. jensmander on the forum gave me some suggestions and I am up and running. I am not real technical like many on this site so what I need is the simplest way to backup my complete server. I will buy an external usb drive to do it and just want an easy way for the less technical person to accomplish this. Thanks in advance.

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Well, you need a certain minimum level of tech expertise to run XPEnology.  If you aren't comfortable with that then you might be better off with a real Synology unit.

There isn't a turnkey backup methodology to restore a broken XPEnology/DSM system. But there are a number of ways to back up various parts of it, here are some:


1. Keep a backup image of your loader on your PC hard drive so it can be rebuilt exactly every time

2. Save your system settings from DSM
3. If you are using ESXi, you can snapshot your VM prior to upgrade and roll it back if there is a problem

4. If you are using ESXi, you can backup your VM and scratch resources using any number of ESXi backup tools

5. If you want an separate copy of your data, build up another XPEnology NAS environment and use BTRFS replication

5a. If you are using Docker, you can replicate your whole Docker environment using BTRFS replication


Backing up DSM itself to something like an image backup isn't the easiest thing to do, and generally isn't necessary.

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You can use an external drive for HyperBackup but it must be large enough. Usually the individual user storage setups are much larger than the typical usb hdd. So that would lead to the solution @flyride mentioned above: an additional system for backups (either another Xpenology or an rsync compatible system like OpenMediaVault etc.). A backup or copy of your current usb boot stick (or the synoboot.img you modified) and regulary backups of the system configuration (can be done from Dsm‘s control panel) are an additional step.


A simple approach for testing updates would be a separate hdd/ssd. Install the current stable and working version for your system on it and in case of an update thought just use only this drive and disconnect the current drives (as mentioned before in your other thread). So you could play around with the update and see if it works.


Unfortunately there is no simple out of the box one-click solution for Xpenology.

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