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Am I totally screwed


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Due to my impatience and stupidity I hosed my nas. It has been running on 918+ 6.2-23739. Being bored with nothing to do today I decided to upgrade to the latest 24922. Well unfortunately now I can't access my nas. It has 4 drives in it running shr. I  know I have to probably start from scratch but how can I do this without losing all my data. That would be a disaster as I didn't do a regular backup, only relied on SHR which I realize was stupid. Is there any hope?

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A new usb drive won‘t help because of DSM‘s system partitions on each hdd which contain the „new“ system. 


There are several methods to get back in business. 


1st) Boot a live linux, mount the raid and try to modify the text file which contains the version info (you‘ll have to search the forum for the exact name and path).


2nd) Disconnect all hdds, connect a new one, install the older version of DSM on it, shut down the system, reconnect the old drives and start it again. DSM should recognize the old RAID.


3rd) Hardcore method: delete each system partition (first partition) and reinstall DSM after that. Normally DSM should recognize the RAID array after the initial setup but with no warranty.


In case of 2 & 3 all your settings will be lost.

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I am not sure why people want to have the latest version all the time specially when using Xpenology. I am still running DSM 6.1.7-15284 and I have no intention of upgrading anytime soon. I also manage 3 genuine Synology boxes and even those I wait a while (2/3 weeks as a minimum) to update them unless there is a critical update which involves security.


I guess this will serve you as a lesson. Keep in mind that even the smallest update is never trivial.


Happy you were able to get on track.

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