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How to install GnoBOOTs DSM 5 on a MediaSmart Server.


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whats up folks since nobody on this forum has the balls to do this i thought I would. So I had trantors 4.3 3810 running like a champ but we all know with the viruses and dickheads on the internet the precious data would be toast, and we cant wait around forever (thanks trantor but when you get busy with life you cant be on top of things that people on here rely on).. I heard some good things about gnoboot and I apologize for being a dickhead running with the bandwagon someone else was bashing mr gnoboot,. because they couldn't figure something out... I thought id take a stab since i got more than 30 types of machines to play with.... 2 laptops said hell no and crashes on gnoboot but loved trantors 4.3... doesnt mean i would sacrifice my 4tb array and say bye bye to my data....



So without further a dieux or however the hell its spelled..


1) power down diskstation or your mediasmart.


2) insert usb key formatted with gnoboot


3) remove all drives!!!!!! ** maybe im doing this wrong but, if you dont remove the 1st drive it will wipe something!**


4) let the key do its work and start up


5) use find.synology.com or the assistant same thing different toilet


6) finds the server, and then says no disks please insert disk and continue


7) now heres the fucked up part, I use the 1 disks that used to have the old dsm 4.3 in it.. the other drives i believe have my shr raid info, so i left those out of the mix...


8) install dsm and continue and let it reboot.


9) now im in dsm 5. although it says danger! volume has crashed. not sure because of me or thats the way it is..


10) but for now looks like dsm 5 is a success now i did not have the luxury of selecting gnoboot. me so alpha is working ok and i hope i can trust it :grin:.


thanks gnoboot and others out here who try to help and respond its the work of you guys that make this what it is.


ill post a screen cap of the issues so far..


I want to also mention I do not like or want dsm on the original disk i installed it on.... :sad: so my plan was to load it on here and it will see my old shr array then, some how toss in a 3tb drive and rebuild the array but dsm will be missing from disk 1 since the new disk has no dsm boot info on it?. or am i wishful thinking???. comments?.



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ok so im attempting to do the update and after typing in these commands as root:


sed 's/flashupdateDeb/flashupdateDeb1/’ /autoupd@te.info > /autoupd@te.info1

mv /autoupd@te.info1 /autoupd@te.info


just like the picture says FUCT!!!!!!!! so cannot update this box.... and cannot restore my data!.. woot woot for data loss and not being able to upgrade :smile:


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ok good news folks looks like i was being a stupid noob, some how my intuition said plug in the disks and reboot and all is going to be better, and to my surprise it is!!!!!!! holy crap! now to break the array and install dsm on a bigger disk killing the original 500GB 7200 rpm



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ok so like a virgin, you must follow these steps to get the update working right... i dont think it has anything to do with serial numbers just me being a fucking idiot at 2am and messing up under putty. i knew my syntax was kinda off when it was reporting back to the >>>>>>>>>>> anywho im quoting mr antelo as this should be the staple in updating.


Updated without problems. N54L with gnoboot 10.5 (DSM 5.0-4458-update1 to Update 2)

My procedure:


1. I download update from ( http://ukdl.synology.com/download/criticalupdate/update_pack/4458-2/synology_bromolow_3612xs.pat) in PC

2. Go to DSM -> Control Panel-> Update-> Manual Update

Select "synology_bromolow_3612xs.pat" , and load de file in DSM.

Stop when a new window thats says do no power off the system while update.

3. Go to PC , connect as root to DSM with ssh and write

sed 's/flashupdateDeb/flashupdateDeb1/' /autoupd@te.info > /autoupd@te.info1
  mv /autoupd@te.info1 /autoupd@te.info

4. Go to DSM and continue to update, reboot, and all ok.



No need to worry about heartbleed.


vi /etc.defaults/VERSION








:smile: all is good, I think

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So I was able to phase out the original 500GB boot drive to a 3TB green, and I will do a reboot to confirm synology works on a drive that did not have any information on it. If my theory is right this will work upon reboot and i can phase out the older disks once rebuild is complete.


Update: after a good while it went from parity check to rebuild and now its complete



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I know this thread is old but I seem to be having an issue. Are you able to reboot your media smart server running DSM 5? I had DSM 5 installed in my media smart server using 4 - 2TB drives. Then I swapped Disk 1 out with a 4TB hard drive and was successfully repaired. After it was done and I turned it off to swap out Disk 2 for another 2tb hard drive but this time it didn't boot up. The only way it'll boot up now is if I pull Disk 1 out and reinsert it after the network light goes out and the health light starts blinking blue and red. Any idea what could be happening?

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