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phpmyadmin problem


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Yesterday I was trying to install composer and all the other parts that are needed for a larval installation in order to get my apps developer over there..


I had several problems that I had to faced but today I faced the most strange problem.

What was that? I can access the phpmyadmin starting page but with no login form and with the following message "MariaDB 5 or MariaDB 10 is stopped or has not been installed. Please check the package on your DSM first.".


Could anyone help me in order to figure this out and keep trying to install the laravel?


Thank everyone in advance.

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The solution that worked for my was to do the following.


  1. I upgraded from 6.1.5 to 6.1.7.
  2. Uninstall php 5.6, php 7.2, phpmyadmin, mariadb 5, mariadb 10, apache 2.2, apache 2.4.
  3. Install php 5.6, phpmyadmin, php 7.2, mariadb 5, mariadb 10, apache 2.2, apache 2.4 with that sequence.


That solved my problem.


I hope that my post should help other people too.

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