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Pci-e wifi card


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I also tried to do this.

But in the synology support list, I cannot find the pci-e network cart which can be supported.

I try to use USB wireless dongle but it cannot have ideal performance.

My motherboard is H370 and OS install upper ESXI

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afair synology dropped wifi support ~3 years ago, the normal solution (beside connecting it to a existing network that has a wifi router) would be to use a access point as wifi client or bridge to connect to a wifi network

there are also other technology's like PLC/PowerLAN you could use to connect to a existing network with wifi support

wifi integration in linux was never really good and might be the reason synology dropped it, to much effort for a few percent of users, its mainly about usb wifi as most synology consumer devices dont have pcie slots

with usb 3.x the speed might not be the problem but most usb dongles don't come with antenna connectors and relying on a tiny integrated antenna usually results in terrible wifi performance

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