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ASRock Q1900-ITX update 6.2 problem


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Hi all,


Earlier i tried remotely to update the DSM from 6.1.xx to the latest update that my machine found from the control panel.

I decided to download it and then give it  a try.

What is the problem now? That i cannot get in the web interface of my DSM. I tried ping to see if there is any problem from a teamviewer to my pc (cause i'm in the office at the moment) and nothing.

Can i save the situation now? Or this is irreversible and i lost all of my data? Does it need to connect to a monitor to see what are my options during boot?

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Finally, I managed to overcome this error.


What's the situation at the moment?? When I plug out the hdd and plug in the 2 hdd that i want, then I reboot the DSM but the find.synology cannot find the DSM. When I plug in again the empty hdd I can access the web interface of the DSM.


Can anyone tell me what is going on??

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I've got 2 hdds 3tb each one.

I plugged them out.

Plugged in an old 1tb to do the stuff..Working ok.

Plugged in one 3tb hdd which was only for photo backup and still working.

When i plugged in the other 3tb which probably has the old synology software,it is not working.

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So many tries but always the same result.
When I connect the HD’s that had previously the os of my dsm, the dsm is not working. If I connect only the second hdd (this one with the photos only), it is working properly.

Is there anything I can do in order to get back my dsm or is it possible to update to 6.2 without losing anything??

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Finally I achieved to fix the problem.
What was I doing wrong, is that I didn’t put the blank hdd to SATA 1.
I did this and everything is ok now!!

Thank you for your time and I want to thank mostly the forum for its important information!!

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