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DSM can not start correctly because it encounters a problem


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Hello everyone,

I have a DSM 4.2 (Odie_Repac ), which I use for archiving and is very often off.

In the window "State health" ,I have a message such as "DSM can not start normally because it encounters a problem. Please contact Support Team .. " .

My volume is ok in GUI and command line, nothing in the logs ...

All work very well, everything is ok. !!

A few month ago, i already had this error on another DSM, also in 4.2.

I wanted to upgrade DSM.

DSAssistant did not seem to recognize a previous installation, it offered me an installation wih disk initialization .

I mounted the version 4.3 (Trantor), and after 10 minutes I had found an optimal XPEnology in 4.3 with my volume, config. shares ...

I would like to know the cause of this error , and to correct DSM without having to do a full backup of NAS.

I have no knowledge of Linux aprofondie to delve into the system.

Thank you to those who can enlighten me.

:shock: MsX

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