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Better SFTP support?



Hi all


Just wondering if there is better SFTP support for DSM?


I use a "mount" via File Station, which is usually adequate enough.


However, large amounts of transfers can seemingly crash the mount, and some transfers fail to copy.

In other instances, the mount can fail and vanish from view in File Station and I would need to reboot DSM to get it back.


Is there something available, that's more reliable?

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I'm using SFTP, so technically not a mount in th way that I'ver termed it.


File Manager in DSM allows for you to create the remote connection. I've chosen SFTP, but with multiple transfers, or large transfers, it can bomb out. The remote connection gets removed/hidden from File Manager and I would have to reboot or wait for a time out of that connection to start again.


If there was a client support, I'd be happier using that.


I've not looked into rsync, but I'd like to.

I've tried looking into Syncthing but can't fully work it out, tbh.

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