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Instability with DSM 5


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After having a Synology for years, I started two weeks ago in the experience of building a better NAS with XPenology.


Here's my specs:

DSM 5.0 4418 beta Trantor

MB: Intel DH87RL

CPU: Intel i5 4570 3.2Ghz

DDR3 2x4Go 1333Mhz

HDD: 3x Seagata NAS HDD 4To (2xRaid1 + 1xSolo)

I had a HardDrive rack Icy Box, but un connected it to watch if it is the source of my errors (conclusion : no it isn't)


Facts :

All went really fine until saturday.

I don't know what happened, maybe a power failure, but my system is really instable since and I must do resets often to get access to the NAS.


After a reset, system startup fine, I can access almost everything except :

- Backup/restort function : nothing dislays except in the task bar

- Security : "No api"

My firewall has been cleaned too.

I planned usage log, but it seems it doesn't work.


After a while, which is various, 5-10min, yesterday night 1 hour maybe more ... system is unreachable either by Windows Network, or Synology Assistant, or SSH. Ping on NAS is effective therefore, and I can find it with a network scanner.



Errors displayed :

On NAs screen, there are some messages displayed, but I don't know how to log them.


Here are some of them, not displaying everytime.


fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed 


And another long list of messages like :


(There are decades of lines at the same time, I will log it)


When NAS comes unreachable, nothing special to see on screen (he's moreover often black, maybe sleeping).


I stopped every app in packet center, but it didnt solve my problem.


Questions :

  1. Can you explain me how to log displayed messages on the NAS screen ?
  2. I'm trying to rescue datas from my raid 1 volume to the secondary hard drive. Will datas be in security there if reinstall XPenology ? I can add this HardDrive to another DSM installation as secondary volume ?
  3. Should I reinstall ? Downgrade to 4.3 ? Upgrade to gnoboot ? And what will happened to my datas on first volume (the raid 1 one) ?



Thank you for all your lights. :smile:

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Here are some pics of screens.


This first at startup (the last line didn't show up each time ... but each time there is a sync between the two radi 1 HDD) :




This second didn't cause an access failure but, I don't understand it so I'm worried.




This third however make a failure. After that, no way to access my NAS from web navigator (local access), nor Synology Assistant, nor SSH, nor FTP, nor Windows Browser ...



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