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Uneble to run DSM on ESXi 6.5


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Hi everyone,


I am trying to run DSM 6.2 on my ESXi host. It is runnung latest version of 6.5.

I was trying to install

V1.03b with 3617xs


V1.03b with 3615xs


with no luck. I am running another box which is running fine and I don't know what the error is. I have enabled the serial output to see what is going on, but everything is fine. I can connect to the box and I upload the DSM .pat file. I have tried several versions of 6.2.x but no luck.

I do get the error 13 when I am trying to install.

I know it is often related to VID/PID but as I am running in a virtual environment I might not be able to figure this out, even tho I do not know if it is needed, as I saw several videos on youtube where it was not needed for ESXi.

I tried of course to change the serial, the MAC and some generic VIDs/PIDs with no luck. also I tried VMXNET3, E1000e and all options which came in my mind. Still no luck. Does anyone of you have an idea what the error could be?



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