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How to change SN


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Hello guys!

Im just wondering if there is any possibility to change SN on working machine without make a new installation.


Im running XPE on Dell T20 with DSM 6.1.7 update 3 and found finally my old one DS115j with genuine SN and MAC.

I would like to change them bcs once im sending some video to photo station/moments, im getting conversion error and i have no access to video thru those apps on PC - it is working just fine on mobile apps...

I found in google that so it is with no genuine SN - before converter is starting to convert, contacts synology to check our SN, if one we are using is no geniune, then we are getting this error.


2019-03-31T19:08:59+02:00 Xpenology synoflvconv: synoflvconv.cpp:617 Failed to convert video [/var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Moments/Mobile/iPhone/2019-03-31/IMG_0302.MOV] to h.264 mp4.
2019-03-31T19:09:00+02:00 Xpenology synocodectool: G1Licence.cpp:79 Licence not Success,error msg "SN format is wrong."
2019-03-31T19:09:00+02:00 Xpenology synocodectool: SYNOCodecPatentG1.cpp:186 ValidateG1Licence failed

Best Regards


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Shutdown DSM, plug in the boot stick to your workstation, start MiniTool Partition Wizard Free (or a similar software), assign a drive letter to the first partition of the stick. Then open the grub.cfg and modify the serial and/or MAC. Save your changes, go back to your partition software and unassign the drive letter from the stick.


A serial and MAC from a DS115j won't work for other Synology models (AFAIK). You'll have to do a short google search for images of a DS36XX or DS918+, depending on your loader... ;)

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