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HP N54L Xpenology update question


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Hi all


I have a HP N54L running Xpenology (Thanks to the guide on this site) version 4.2 3211, i am wondering how i go about up grading to DSM version 5.0


Is there instructions for this avilable?




Do i go through the standard DSM up in the control panel?

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You will need to switch to gnoboot if you want to install DSM 5.x as there is no upgrade path currently available from Trantor. The latest available build from Trantor is 4.3.3827 Beta7 and update 1 is available in the DSM update manager. If your unit is accessible from the web it's vulnerable with your current DSM version.


Here's the main GnoBoot thread you can find some step by step guides here.


Trantors Beta 7 build is here.

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Thanks CtrlAltDel, whats the safest way to protect my data while doing the upgrade?



Back it up :smile:

I second this. If you made the new boot device, boot up and failed to see "migrate", instead "DSM not installed" showed up then you know you are screwed.

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Does 4.2 / 4.3 have an update to patch against HeartBleed, or is it only 5 that is getting patched?

Synology said later the patch for 4.3 will be released. Not sure whether it will be available for 4.2.

Since 4.2 there is already a security problem that hackers can easily turn your machine into a miner of Bitcoins, you should upgrade to 4.3 as soon as possible.

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I thought that the bitcoin problem was with 4.3 but NOT with 4.2 ?!

If I do update I think I might be worth me just going straight to DSM 5...

Of course if you wish you should go straight to DSM 5.0 because up to now DSM 5.0 update 2 is the only known version that is patched against miner and heartbleed security problems.

Yes, Synology is obviously not so good at making things secured, instead they made DSM 5.0 looked better...


I realized that I should explain how miner and heartbleed would happen and in which situation should you seek for a way to solve them.

First of all, if your XPEnology's main ports are not exposed to the Internet, you do not need to worry at all. Here by main ports stand for 5000 and 5001 if you didn't changed them (If you enabled web station and yes, your port 80 and port 443 is also considered main ports), these ports provide access to the DSM Web UI. You need to be careful if you are using upnp or manual firewall policies to forward them to Internet.

Secondly, up to now, nobody reported any data lose because of these security problems, so you do not need to panic, although it might cause data leak, if your data interested hackers. Stop forwarding main ports to Internet and take your time to think about your next step. For example you may stay on/migrate to DSM 4.3 3827 update 1 with main ports blocked from Internet and wait for Synology to release heartbleed patch for it, this version is already patched against miner security problem.

Thirdly, as I had mentioned, the only version known that is patched against these problems is DSM 5.0 update 2, if you decided to migrate, read gnoboot's post carefully, make a new boot device using his *.img file and boot up, choose "gnoBoot.me" and then "Install/upgrade DSM 5" when grub is counting (connect a display to see them), run your Synology assistant and use unmodified DSM 5.0 DS3612xs *.pat file from Synology to proceed.

You will also find necessary information about how to upgrade to "DSM 5.0 Update 2" in this forum, use search function.


Good luck.

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Cheers, many thanks. Is gnoBoot the recommended pathway to 5 then, rather than Trantors release?

I can't say which is better since I tried only gnoBoot myself, but gnoBoot is updating very fast and many small glitches were eliminated.

Trantor's release is currently on DSM 5.0 beta, I don't know whether you can update it to stable DSM 5.0 release.

If you prefer Trantor's release, you may want to wait, since Trantor said he will release a newer version soon.

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