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Update failed and Revert not working

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So my OCD got the best of me with the little update icons and I went ahead and updated my DSM hoping for the best and it never came back online.  So I figured the best course of action would be to wipe the operating system off the USB and start over with 6.1 and DS3615xs.  It seems to be able to find the NAS on my network if I type the IP in directly and I get the screen below which suggests it can recover it but it's grayed out. I am wondering if this is caused by the fact that I don't have the original serial number it was setup with as a friend did it for me and he didn't save it.  The other thing I tried was setting it up with DS3617xs and it gives me a merge option but I was scared to do that until I got a little further guidance from the group.  


Since I had a friend start this whole project for me and get me through the biggest technical hurdles it has stunted my understanding so please take it easy on me.


Thanks for any help


Error Screen.jpg

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Ok. I think I have the correct version reinstalled on the Boot USB and I was able to get the synology finder to find my NAS. Went through agreeing with terms and conditions and then it spits out this window before getting to the actual install and I'm stuck here.  This is probably the closest ive got to it so far.


Any ideas from here?

Error Screen.jpg

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25 minutes ago, ya_nervous said:

I think I have it up and running at this point. Took a bit of the old "hope and poke" but im back in and getting work done.


After your trial and error process, do  you have a good idea of what the correct procedure is supposed to be for recovering from your initial problem?  It might be useful if you could give a summary of what worked.

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