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[SOLVED] System is getting ready. Please log in later.


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i have a problem, i installed xpenology on an 512 MB USB Stick. All was working fine. After i tested some other software like photo studio...I getting the error after login: "System is getting ready. Please log in later.".


I think my Stick was to small and some temp data crached it. Then i bought a bigger new one. But i also getting the same error message after i login.


I can fix the problem with this:


Login via ssh:


gnoboot > synobootseq --set-boot-done

gnoboot > synobootseq --is-ready


and then i can login without any problems, but after a reboot i getting the error again.


Can some one tel me how to fix this? Or how to reinstall the Xpenology without lost of data?


I have an raid 1 with 2 2tb hdds.




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